Deodorizing Cover/Holder for Urinary Drainage Bags

This is a cover for urinary drainage and collection bags that eliminates odors. It comes with a user manual and can be attached to a bedframe or carried using the shoulder strap. The inner lining is made of ROICA CF® fabric by Asahi Kasei which effectively eliminates odors. It fits bags up to 13.3” (34 cm) × 11.0” (28 cm) and is washable for easy maintenance. An easy-to-follow user manual is also included.

Product features

  • Accommodates urinary drainage bags up to 13.3” (34 cm) × 11.0” (28 cm) in size.
  • Effectively neutralizes urine odor with an inner lining made of ROICA CFR fabric by Asahi Kasei.
  • Offers convenience with a pocket and shoulder strap, allowing it to be attached to a bed or carried around.
  • Can be washed for easy maintenance and comes with a user manual for simple operation.
  • Designed to look discreet and not draw attention to the fact that it is a urinary drainage bag.


How to buy

You can purchase this product from Amazon.